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Here For Positive Change


Mission Statement


To be the change agents for a better life through the innovation, design and artistry of durable, and adorable household products that perfectly fit your needs at a competitive price.


Vision Statement


To enhance the quality of life for the current and future generations


Since 2019, PIIONG has been improving living standards through exceptionally affordable, high quality and elegant household products that enhance lifestyles by creating lasting memories and happiness. PIIONG recognizes that it is beautiful when better business and a better community coexist in fulfilling your general needs. Consequently, with a passion for innovation, design, and craftsmanship; PIIONG seeks to augment the quality of life for the current and future generations.


Water is life; and PIIONG means water, a reflection of a past war life when the founders were growing up and clean drinkable water was hard to find. The quality of life was poor as to obtain clean water the founders had to walk a long distance to the only pump available and carry water back home on their heads. It is against this background that PIIONG was born as a positive change for a quality life both in the present and the future through signature household products.


Be it your kitchen accessories, containers, bathroom accessories and living room items; PIIONG is your creative, patient, and attentive to details provider of elegant household and content for your homes and families. As PIIONG grows, the eventual target is to help those who have no access to quality life to obtain clean water, quality and affordable household products that perfectly fit your needs.  Welcome to PIIONG, an exceptionally beautiful selection of one-in-a-million products where innovation and passion meets humanity.